Alphabet Stones on the ReLit shortlist!

The Alphabet Stones, my 2013 release from Coburg small press Blue Denim, is on the ReLit shortlist! I’m particularly proud because Paradise Revisited, my publisher Shane Joseph’s book about his native Sri Lanka, is also on the list. Only ECW also has two books on the novel list. Blue Denim Press rocks.

Herewith is the list for novels:


Rogue Cells/ Carbon Harbour, Garry Thomas Morse (Talonbooks)

The Miracle of Ordinary Men, Amanda Leduc (ECW)

Burning From the Inside, Christine Walde (DCB)

The Strangers’ Gallery, Paul Bowdring (Vagrant)

Sneaker Wave, Jeff Beamish (Oolichan)

Anatomy of a Girl Gang, Ashley Little (Arsenal Pulp)

Caught, Lisa Moore (Anansi)

Paradise Revisited, Shane Joseph (Blue Denim Press)

Say Nothing Saw Wood, Joel Thomas Hynes (Running the Goat)

Infidelity, Stacey May Fowles (ECW)

The Alphabet Stones, Ursula Pflug (Blue Denim Press)

Fallsy Downsies, Stephanie Domet (Invisible)

The Desperates, Greg Kearney (Cormorant)

Savage 1986-2011, Nathaniel G. Moore (Anvil)

Every Little Thing, Chad Pelley (Breakwater)

Juanita Wildrose My True Life, Susan Downe (Pedlar)

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