At Casa Azul

I very much enjoyed teaching and reading at The San Miguel Writers’ Conference and spending time with old friends who have recently bought a house in SMA. Afterwards I headed back to the DF and took in Casa Azul, the Frida Kahlo Museum, and Xochimilco, the Little Venice of Mexico. It was a great trip to ever-enchanting Mexico. Photo by Eleni Mokas.

You can view Eleni’s portrait of our sun-kissed mutual friend Catherine here:


One night we visited Cesar Martinez, whose well-known work reminds us that perhaps we misunderstood, and really Venice is the Little Xochimilco of Europe.

More from Cesar’s series can be seen here.

At the Zocalo on my first night I had the opportunity to begin practicing my execrable Spanish. “Mi hija es una punk tambien.” We made a donation so we could take a newsletter  home. Mucho gusto, indeed.

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