Creative Writing at the CCRC resumes Jan 26th

I love this class. I have met so many amazing women (men come too, but it’s more often women) and heard stories that broke my heart and inspired me with their resilience and bravery, as well as sentences that made my heart soar, and descriptions that provided me with shivers of delight. We laugh, we cry, we write short stories, sometimes about our lives. In the fall semester we had a student who brought amazing home made baking to every class. Not that I can promise this sort of thing. 8 weeks, starts January 26, 10 am – 12 pm, Thursday mornings. It’s on the bottom right and is called Writing From The Inside Out. This doesn’t mean that you will learn the inside out of writing, but that we write to express our inner lives. It used to be called Flying Not Falling, which may have been less confusing. Hope to see you! Call Grace to register: 705 653 5161

More info here.

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