Des Lewis reviews Cassilda’s Song

UK author and editor D.F. Lewis has reviewed Cassilda’s Song, the King in Yellow themed anthology edited by Joe Pulver Sr.

Of my contribution, “Stones, Maybe,” Des says:

A perfect Pflug, blending memories, regrets, and a sort of alternate world wish fulfillment, as Peter deals in his mind with a family lakeside property, its household objects, its commercial business, its clandestine affairs, its black stars or stones, its hoped-for children, one of such children, I wonder, to be that Messiah to be born, if not in reality, perhaos by means of a book…?
…Here blending this author’s own ‘Memory Lapse at the Waterfront’ with the percolators, tins, and other household objects of her story, “Repair”.
…We all have to repair ourselves at some stage, if not by death, by the conscious re-figuring of memories and the book found like a household object in a kitchen cupboard.

Des edited one of my favourite series, Nemonymous and has published several books of his fiction including The Last Balcony. Please spend some time exploring his many interesting sites. His review site has been twice shortlisted for the World Fantasy Award.

Here, again, is the final Table of Contents–wonderful writers I’m very pleased to share the stage with:

“Black Stars on Canvas, a Reproduction in Acrylic” by Damien Angelica Walters
“She Will Be Raised a Queen” by E. Catherine Tobler
“Yella” by Nicole Cushing
“Yellow Bird” by Lynda E. Rucker
“Exposure” by Helen Marshall
“Just Beyond Her Dreaming” by Mercedes Murdock Yardley
“In the Quad of Project 327” by Chesya Burke
“Stones, Maybe” by Ursula Pflug
“Les Fleurs Du Mal” by Allyson Bird
“While The Black Stars Burn” by Lucy A. Snyder
“Old Tsah-Hov” by Anya Martin
“The Neurastheniac” by Selena Chambers
“Dancing The Mask” by Ann K. Schwader
“Family” Maura McHugh
“Pro Patria!” Nadia Bulkin
“Her Beginning is Her End is Her Beginning” by E. Catherine Tobler & Damien Angelica Walters
“Grave-Worms” by Molly Tanzer
“Strange is the Night” by S.P. Miskowski

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