Des Lewis reviews Playground

Des Lewis reviewed Playground on his World Fantasy nominated site, and his insightful smart content is always a pleasure to read. He paid particular attention to one of my faves in this antho, Joe Davies’ “The Compass”. Davies is based in Ptbo and has published his gorgeously written, thoughtful short fiction all over the map in Cdn. litmags. I asked him for a story for Playground–what we were getting wasn’t hitting the mark to some degree, so Colleen and I began, as so often happens, to badger our friends for subs. And Joe’s story is truly beautiful–I hope he writes more spec fic–we need more authors in the genre who write such beautifully considered prose.

Des Writes: “i am sure this antholoogy is one of the rare few that will hang around in my mind as a great one full of disparate styles and leitmotifs to form a unique gestalt. A Yggdrasil of Toys.”

Read the entire review, with detailed comments on each of the stories, here.

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