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Free Kobo e-book for the hols, a stocking stuffer for the readers on your list.

Broad Spectrum is the 2012 compendium of twenty-nine excerpts and complete short stories from members of Broad Universe, an organization promoting women in genre fiction: fantasy, horror and science fiction.

My award winning prose poem, A Shower of Fireflies, is reprinted here for the third time.

Cover by Rhea Ewing.

BUTable of Contents

Dance to Fend Off the Sky by Deirdre M. Murphy
Beast in Show by Kate Kaynak
Non Si Muove by MeiLin Miranda
M.U.S.E. by Kimberley Long-Ewing
Photo of a Mermaid by Trisha J Wooldridge
Soul Mates by Jaleta Clegg
The Right Asteroid (novel excerpt) by Michelle Murrain
Silver Moon (excerpt from forthcoming novel) by Catherine Lundoff
A Shower of Fireflies by Ursula Pflug
The Moth Collector’s Daughter by Ripley Patton
Beneath the Hallowed Hill by Theresa Crater
DILEMMA by Marcy Arlin
Tsekil by M.C.A. Hogarth
Lord Bai’s Discovery by Jean Marie Ward
Seeing Things by Kater Cheek
La Divina Commedia by Katherine Mankiller
Heavens and Shadows by KT Pinto
House of Em (excerpt) by Lynda Williams
The Lady of Seeking in the City of Waiting by Jennifer Brozek
Of Blood and Brandy by J. Kathleen Cheney
Today’s Promise by Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Quiz by Nancy Jane Moore
Today There Is No Pain by Justine Graykin
Bride of Tranquility by Tracy S. Morris
Mind Over Mind by Karina Fabian
Threaded Through Time (Book One) by Sarah Ettritch
Drowning by Katherine Sanger
The Isle Is Full of Noises by Sylvia Kelso
The Souvenir You Most Want by Sue Burke
The Willimantic Frogs by K. A. Laity
Matcher Rules (excerpt) by Mary Holland
Psyche’s Search by Ann Gimpel

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