Green Music

Green Music“Sometimes he swam on his back and then the stars would make pinholes in his eyes, sinking, sinking until they came to rest in the darkness of his brain, sleeping reflections to their brothers across the void of space. Then they were in his mind, and he could hear them.”

Green Music blends the gritty reality of Toronto’s studio district with a medieval tropical paradise shaped by the union of sea turtles and humans. A struggling artist, overwhelmed by grief and the strange tales of a Great Lakes mariner, embarks on an epic journey into an unknown world. In her debut novel, Ursula Pflug delivers a shimmering narrative, gliding effortlessly between humour and psychological insight, delving deep into the unexplored depths of magic realism and fantasy.

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Painting Dream
Fantastic Metropolis

Trading Polaris
infinity plus

Green Music Reviews

Green Music is not really a book about escaping the real world for a sun-soaked romantic fallacy populated by talking turtles. It is a book about surviving. It is a book about having a dream in our hearts and not giving in to the rat race, to the endless chink of money and rumble of traffic.(more)
Cheryl Morgan

“Pflug does a wonderful job of exploring the concept that everyone has a twin somewhere, whether turtle or human. The achievement of a twosome, through meeting to friendship and affection to loss, makes the novel a wonderful and poignant love story, told over again and again in the different relationships that exist between the characters.(more)
Asta Sinusas

“A painter named Susan and her troubled friend Marina — “self-involved, and tiresome and repetitive; drunken and slatternly [but] wonderful and unique” — begin to receive intimations of a tropical afterlife community also named Marina, founded somehow by earthly Marina’s dead grandfather. Space and time crumple and fold, assisted by a turtle named Jack who can swim to the moon and back, and lives are invigorated with magic not untinged with despair. Think Carol Emshwiller and Josephine Saxton, and you’ll have some idea of Pflug’s poetic, melancholy accomplishments.(more)
Paul Di Filippo

“Ce premier roman d’Ursula Pflug est tout à fait dans la veine de ses nouvelles poétiques, magiques, empreintes d’une atmosphère particulière et énigmatique. Les premières pages nous plongent dans un tourbillon d’épisodes et de personnages, en commençant par une plage où se croisent une tortue qui se transforme en homme et un mort qui se transforme en tortue avant de vider une bouteille de whiskey ensemble…(plus)
Jean Louis Trudel