Inanna Holiday Sale extended!

Motion Sickness - a Flash Novel by Ursula Pflug

Inanna has extended their holiday sale. Motion Sickness is available at 30% off.

They have extended their general holiday promotion until January 15 – 30% off all titles with the promo code HOLIDAY2015 at check out. Please help spread the word by sharing this promo info with your contacts/lists and social media followers.

Because #femlitcan change the world: at the end of 2015, Inanna launched a new campaign #femlitcan to bring attention to Canadian feminist writers and literature.

This initiative builds on the #ReadWomen hashtag established by the Guardian’s Joanna Walsh in January 2014. This popular hashtag has been adopted by many as a challenge to change our ingrained sexist reading habits by intentionally seeking out poetry, fiction, articles, essays plays, and other writing projects by women.

Likewise, our hope is to bring Canadian feminist writing front and centre to inform our collective cultural-political imagination (and ongoing conversations). In 2016, please join us in spreading #femlitcan far and wide because #femlitcan change the world!

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