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It’s mid-February and your sweetheart needs something to read! I have a few ebooks out, and they’re $4 – $10. Save your money for good food and nice wine! Understandably, some people don’t like reading ebooks, but I like the adjustable font size. Even with prescription readers, my eyes aren’t what they were. Yes, I love the feel of paper too. I’ve culled a lot, but I still keep a few hundred books around the house just so I can smell them.

When my first story collection After the Fires (Tightrope, 2008) went out of print, I re-released it on KDP. Aurora Finalist. $3.92

The Alphabet Stones, my Eastern Ontario supernatural novel. I began writing it before we became parents and left Toronto for the forests and fields. YA/Adult crossover. ReLit finalist.
KOBO $4.99
KINDLE $5.17

YA novella Mountain takes place in a temporary forest community on Mount Shasta in Northern Cali. A stone’s throw into the future. Mountain is also available on library apps. ReLit finalist.
KOBO $9.89

Seeds and Other Stories, my first pandemic release. Decades of short fiction reprints from acclaimed literary and genre publications in Canada, the US, and the UK. Includes “Judy,” one of my first published stories, about a pandemic.
KOBO $9.89

I co-edited Playground of Lost Toys with poet Colleen Anderson. A fantastical anthology of stories about childhood, toys, and games. Cat McLeod’s inclusion “Hide and Seek,” won the Sunburst for short fiction.
KOBO $8.69

Amazing local and local-adjacent authors showcase their books in Ptbo at Atelier Ludmila and Watson and Lou. Nathan Adler, David Bateman, Michelle Berry, Drew Hayden-Taylor, Derek Newman-Stille, Charlie Petch, Ursula Pflug, Ian Rogers, Elisha Rubacha, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Kate Story, P.J. Thomas, T.E. Wilson and more.

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