Mountain on Sunburst Longlist plus Inanna Summer Sale!

I’m very pleased that my novella Mountain, published last year with Inanna, is on the Sunburst longlist for YA fiction. Mountain was also on Tangent’s rec’d reading list for 2017, and received lovely reviews both north and south of the border in amazing places including The Future Fire, Tangent and Cascadia Subduction Zone. In April I published a new novella, Down From, with UK based Snuggly Books. Down From received a wonderful PW review among others, and of course I’m also very pleased about that.

I’m not off FB and other social media entirely but I’m on a bit of a hiatus. I’m logging on less, seeing friends and family IRL, and attending to some exciting (and time consuming!) family projects. I do want to remind everyone not to abandon their creative projects. Art, poetry, writing (somehow I think of poetry as, oftentimes, more like art than prose) matter more now than ever. Our words and images provide solace, food for thought and nourishment, not just to others but also to ourselves–at risk of sounding twee I’d like to say once again that when we hold up a mirror we learn about ourselves–and those with self-knowledge perhaps have deeper roots and are less likely to spin out of control when the pressure’s on. As it is pretty well everywhere now.

If you did enjoy either or both of these books, please help spread the word. Goodreads and Amazon reviews are always welcome, and do help to generate sales. It’s perfectly okay to post the same review on GR and Amazon–and to share this post. And if you have already reviewed it for one or the other, thank you and bless you! I am beyond grateful for my life.

Stock Up On Your Summer Reading Sale (40% off). Please help spread the word! From July 3-July 17 only, all Inanna titles are 40% off with promo code summer2018 at website checkout:this includes my 2016 ReLit Award shortlisted illustrated Flash Novel Motion Sickness, and my 2018 Sunburst Award shortlisted YA novella Mountain. Check it out here. Plus a zillion other amazing titles. It’s Christmas in July!

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