New Review of Cassilda’s Song

I’m often remiss in posting reviews of various projects here, what with teaching, writing and editing commitments. Herewith is a lovely new review of Cassilda’s Song, edited by Joe Pulver Sr.

Jose Cruz rites:

“Other authors use the mythos to navigate the choppy emotional waters of familial and romantic love. The isolated narrator in Ursula Pflug’s “Stones, Maybe” speaks from an insecure and intense longing for the life he could have had instead of caretaking the dreary boating resort inherited from his father with only a ratty copy of a strange play to keep him company, making this the story with the leanest strain of supernaturalism and feminine presence, but the interchangeably familiar and alien quality of the narrator’s surroundings and the melancholy air of his thoughts gives the story a hypnotic air of subdued misery.”

Fabulous authors in this collection! Read the rest here at The Haunted Omnibus

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