Nov. 11 Reading at Precarious Festival in Peterborough

Saturday, November 11, 7pm at TTOK
Writing off the Edge: Precarious Poetry and Prose Writing/discussion featuring
cutting-edge writers Nathan Adler, Joe Davies, Justin Million, Ursula Pflug, Janette Platana,
Elisha Rubacha, and Kate Story. – $10 or Pay what you can.

This reading is part of November’s Precarious Festival, organized by Ryan Kerr and Kate Story. Precarious is presented by Fleshy Thud in Partnership with Public Energy

More info on the festival here.

There will be a sales table and we will be available to sign books and chapbooks. I’ll have copies of my 2017 release, the near-future YA novella Mountain, as well as my 2014 signed, limited edition HC, Harvesting the Moon, from PS Publishing in the UK.

“A delicate, bittersweet story full of big ideas, told in sumi-e brushstrokes set against a large-scale canvas, from master Canadian fantasist Ursula Pflug.” – Candas Jane Dorsey

“A beautifully sustained and compassionate book about the lost, written in the voice of Camden, a young girl who is, predictably rather than suddenly, abandoned in a healing “camp” halfway up a Mountain in California. Intelligent and wary, she does not ask for sympathy or let anyone, including the reader, near – her voice is cool, sarcastic and resigned, though Ursula Pflug’s mastery gives us the continuous sense of what is not said…This is not a novel of the expected…In the stagnant daily routines on the Mountain (mud and latrines and wet clothes form a large part), the isolation of each from each, the loss of family and attempts to create new bonds however fragile, there is a continuous sense of this book’s being written the shadow of the real migrant camps – this is a novel that does not allow us to turn away.” – Heather Spears, artist, writer, Governor General’s award for poetry

Harvesting the Moon:
“Among our best writers of surreal and fantastical short fiction. Ursula Pflug’s stories in this collection will rewire your brain and make you see the world in a different way. Beautifully written. Highly recommended.”
– Jeff VanderMeer (NYT bestselling author of The Southern Reach trilogy)

“…perhaps for the first time in literature there is a symbiosis of unrequited love between dimensions that keeps both lovers in being.” – Des Lewis, British Fantasy Award nominated reviewer at The Dream Catcher Real Time Reviews 2014

Harvesting the Moon - short stories by Ursula Pflug

From the Precarious website:

Precarious workers are those who fill permanent job needs but are denied permanent employee rights. Why is so much creative labour precarious? What are the consequences of increasing precariousness for work of all kinds across the board? Precarious: Peterborough ArtsWORK Festival approaches these questions through creativity and dialogue. Theatre, literature, dance, visual art, panel discussions, installation performances, music, and that human thing: talk. Come be part of the conversation!

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