November Book Launches in Peterborough and Montreal

On the fall equinox I helped run the Transition Town book table at The Purple Onion Festival, a Peterborough festival with a focus on local food and culture; all transactions are done with Kawartha Loons, a Credit Union backed local currency. Down From was published in 2018 by international small press collective Snuggly, and received a few lovely reviews in both Canada and the US. My favourite is this one from the wonderful Future Fire.

From the Transition Town page:

Transition Town Peterborough is a volunteer, non-profit organization founded in 2007. Our mission is simple: to adapt to the effects of climate change in Peterborough City-County, Hiawatha First Nation and Curve Lake First Nation. On this page you can see some of the many initiatives we are involved in: the Greenzine, Local Food Month, Purple Onion Festival, Kawartha Loon and much more! TTP is a platform for people like YOU to share ideas, practices, knowledge and passion. We encourage you to join us as we create a community rooted in environmental and economic resilience.

Two November events I’m very excited about:

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