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Air Fish: An Anthology of Speculative WritingAir Fish: An Anthology of Speculative Writing by Joy Oestreicher
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This really cool book reprinted my Aurora Award shortlisted story “The Water Man,” which first appeared in 1990’s Tesseracts 3, the well known Canadian anthology series. I dug it out to find the publication date, which was 1993, and now have an excuse to re-read it. I’ll come back and say more when I do. Editor Joy Oestreicher included notables such as Misha Nogha, Cory Doctorow, Bruce Boston and Bruce Holland Rogers. I wonder what Joy’s doing now?

The story also appeared in the UK, in Chris Reed’s amazing Back Brain Recluse #23, in 1997. In BBR I appeared beside Cliff Burns, Jeff VanderMeer, Uncle River, and Richard Kadrey. We still hear from the others, but what happened to Uncle River? I used to enjoy his transmissions in Scavenger’s Newsletter. The inside cover of Air Fish tells me the title was a quote from one of his poems, evidence of a small and magical world. Poking through anthos from the ’90’s is definitely a delightful exercise in nostalgia! My kids were preschoolers and in primary school. We still lived on the farm.The world was young.

Christiana Ellis has done a wonderful reading of “The Water Man,” posted on March 8th at Esacpe Pod. It’s a magical reading.


I’m inspired to post some other podcasts, just to gather them in one place for easy reference.

Podcastle is Escape Pod’s sister site, focusing on Fantasy rather than Science Fiction. Like the other Pods, their mandate is to pay authors a decent stipend for high quality audio reprints. They ran “The Exit Sign” in #72. That story was reprinted in my Aurora shortlisted story collection, 2008’s After The Fires. It first appeared in the fabulous Chizine, edited by Brett Savory, under the appellation “Skyrise.”

Listen to it here:


And finally, Paul Toth of Tothworld ran my oft reprinted story Python in Tothworld #91. That one Doug and I recorded, with me reading. Python can be read at Keith Brooke’s amazing Infinity Plus archive, and in Album Zutique #1, edited by Jeff VanderMeer, among other places.


Happy listening!

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