Short Stories

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Harvesting the Moon - short stories by Ursula PflugAfter the Fires a collection of short fiction by Ursula Pflug
Praise for Ursula Pflug’s Short Stories:

Harvesting the Moon: “I feel the shape of my brain changing as I sink further into this book…[The Waterman]…has to be read to appreciate what I mean by that. No way to convey the touch of this near perfect story from the female storekeeper’s point of view and her encounter with the Water Man, no way to convey it without copying it out in full. Near perfect because it needs to heal or complete itself as part of its passage through you. Marcel Duchamp – and almost Ligottian with its downgraded ‘town water’ etc. Almost, because, here, death is Donne to death?”
D.F. Lewis

After the Fires: “Ursula Pflug’s incendiary, surreal short fiction immerses the reader in a unique world. The effect is like nothing I’ve felt from reading any other writer’s fiction. Pflug manages to find the extraordinary and the epiphanal in reality, and bring out the reality of her fantastical settings. She isn’t about escapism or giving readers a comfortable, familiar experience. If you like daring, if you want to experience something truly different, to come out the other end somehow…changed…then you’re the kind of reader who will love After the Fires. She’s a true original and this collection is Pflug at her best. A first-rate talent who should be more widely known.”
Jeff VanderMeer