Some 2012 upcoming short fiction publications


I have flash fiction including the story “My Mother’s Skeleton” in That Not Forgotten, an anthology edited by Bruce Kauffmann, with proceeds going to the rehabilitation of Al Purdy’s House in Ameliasburg, down in The County.

Stone Telling Speculative Poetry, a wonderful magazine edited by Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan, has published my prose poem “Castoroides” in their summer/fall issue; the poem is about the giant Pleistocene beaver that lives on The Ouse River outside my back door. It’s a creek really, in spite of its impressive literary sounding name. (The Ouse, for those who didn’t know, is the name of the river in England in which Virginia Woolf killed herself.)

Bibliotheca Fantastica is an upcoming Dagan Press anthology edited by awesome Montreal editor Claude Lalumiere on the fabuloso topic of lost manuscripts. My story in that is called “What Do Trees Dream Of?” You’ve got to wonder; I know I do.

I’m excited about my story in the new anthology The Lion and the Aardvark, coming out soon from Brit publisher Stone Skin Press. My story, called “The Clan of the Crazy Babies,” is about train hopping Viginia Opossums in the marshalling yards of London, Ontario, and is based on research. Thanks to the lovely Heather Wood for sending editor Robin Laws my way. Robin was great to work with. The book is set for a Christmas release date but if it’s done in time it would be fun to WFC.

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