Strategic Arts Initiative Exhibition

Hi everyone,

Interaccess on Ossington (in Toronto) has remounted 1986’s seminal Strategic Arts Initiative, a telepresencing exhibition featuring robots created by luminaries Norm White, Graham Smith, Laura Kikauka, my husband Doug Back and others, influencing one anothers’ actions in Toronto and Rotterdam.

Today between 3 and 4:30 pm talks will be livestreamed between Toronto and Rotterdam, including one by Derrick de Kerkhove, the original curator of SAI, founder of the McLuhan Centre at U of T, and much more.

Derrick has previously published books on new media theory and art with, among others, 40K Books in Milan, an epublisher who has recently bought a novella, Mountain, from me. Thanks to Steve Stanton for the tip!

I find this interesting, the conjunction between science fiction and cybernetic art and theory as exemplified by the 40K publishing catalogue (mainly US SF authors including Kris Rusch, Paul di Filippo, Jeff VanderMeer and more.) It’s a connection I’ve written about as a sometime art critic but few in North America seem to “get.”

Artist Doug Back is my husband and curator Graham Smith, based in The Hague as well as the other artists either in Rotterdam or Toronto are among our close friends.

Folks in Toronto should drop by Interaccess and see the incredible works, science fictional ideas made flesh.
Livestream from V2 Gallery in Rotterdam, check back at 3:

Too much fun!


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