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They Have To Take You In, our Indiegogo campaign for the anthology fundraiser is now closed. The book’s aim is to benefit women and families in transition. We are grateful to Richard Grove at Hidden Brook Press, who is donating all royalties from sales to our beneficiary. Thanks to Gord Langill, who suggested and wrote about CMHA’s The Dana Fund, a no overhead fund applicants may use to meet any pressing needs; Tapanga Koe, for helping me put together the Indiegogo website, and the amazing authors who have contributed signed books, as well as poetry and fiction to the campaign! Our heroes include Leanne Simpson, Linda Rogers, Tim Becket, Jan Thornhill, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and many more! I’ll be posting about more of our amazing authors when I get caught up on the selection process.

This book will go ahead; HBP will cover production costs, and royalties will go to the CMHA’s Dana Fund.

We were fundraising for authors. We netted over five hundred dollars, which may not seem like much, as it was just 10% of our goal, but as we were on the flexible funding model we received our monies regardless.

I wanted to be able to pay honorariums to new authors in particular, and there is an important reason for this. Please hear me out.

As Canadian writers we are competing not just with Canadian best sellers but with US best sellers, published in far greater numbers due to the US’s higher population. Many beautiful, original and fascinating books are published in Canada each year that receive little or no attention and aren’t stocked in Chapters for a variety of reasons—a sad fact which makes it hard to reach an audience. As authors we are struggling to play a numbers game in which we often make only a dollar or two per book sold. Hence the Canadian government has created funding programs designed to help level the playing field–programs administered by the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts, among others.

When we were living on an isolated bush farm with small children, the funding I received from the CC and the OAC helped us to pay our hyrdro bills (exorbitant in a drafty, under-insulated farm house) and enabled us to eat. Eat something other than what I grew, anyway.

But there’s more.

To access funding programs, emerging writers must have three paid publications under their belts. These can be difficult to acquire–particularly in fiction.

That’s one of my aims with this anthology. I dream that somewhere, a talented, hard working, stay at home mom or dad will have work appear in They Have To Take You In. He or she will acquire that all important final paid writing credit and be eligible, for the first time, to apply for a grant. Receiving the grant, she’ll be able to spend the time to finish her first book, one that may change people’s lives.

And hers for sure.

This writer was me; she could be you or someone you know. I may never meet him or her, but that’s one of my dreams with this anthology; I want to give the gift to someone else that was given to me. I’m not sure anymore what my first three paid fiction credits even were—I could probably sort it out if I went through my archives, but I won’t be doing that today.

The Indiegogo campaign is closed but we are still accepting donations at my Gmail address via PayPal.

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