Trent Con Ed Creative Writing Class starts on October 26

After a year or so in the basement of Bagnani Hall I’ll be glad to return to the gorgeous Scott House. Architecture influences our state of mind.

For information about our class including fees, dates, and workshop titles please go here.

From the Trent Con-Ed site:

Course Dates/Times: Wednesdays, 26 October to 14 December, 2016, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Location: Scott House Room 102.1, Traill College

What is Speculative Fiction you ask? It is creative works that are based on speculation, based on The Question and your ability to think outside of mundane reality. This course will help you to stretch your imaginative muscles and think up some new and creative ways to view and represent the world. Join Aurora Award winning critic, editor, and scholar Derek Newman-Stille and award winning speculative fiction author and editor Ursula Pflug in a course that explores potentials, new ideas, and techniques for resisting “the way things are”

Note that you do not have to have taken the previous workshops to be able to participate in these. Every workshop is independent. We hope for participants from a variety of different writing backgrounds whether you are a published or unpublished author, whether you write fiction, news, or personal narratives. We hope to expand on your writing skills through this series of workshops.

Online registration is provided through RegOnline, a third-party registration service.
An additional charge will be applied by RegOnline in addition to the course fee.

Register in Person at Traill College, Scott House Room 102.4.
Avoid additional charges by registering in person with cash or a cheque.

More info at the link above.

Derek Newman-Stille and I and I really enjoy teaching this class and can’t wait to see you!

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