Ursula Pflug: Author

Ursula Pflug photo and cyborg glasses by Doug Back, Typewriter photo by Brion Wagner. Collage by Steev Morgan“Ursula Pflug’s writing is the kind you want to carry around with you for those days when it feels like you’re living in a strange and incomprehensible world; her work will make you feel less alone. Her words desire nothing more than to play fetch with your weirdest dreams. She creates wild inventions built of sentences that dig into your psyche and send back reports about all you never knew of the world. They are sly and joyous, scary and entrancing, profound, unsettling, amusing, and utterly – perfectly! – unique.” – Mathew Cheney

playgroundMotion Sickness - a Flash Novel by Ursula PflugHarvesting the Moon - short stories by Ursula Pflug
They Have to Take You In - Short Stories Edited by Ursula PflugThe Alphabet Stones a novel by Ursula PflugAfter the Fires a collection of short fiction by Ursula PflugGreen Music a novel by Ursula Pflug

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