The Word is Wild: June 6-7, Maynooth Ontario

I love the name of poet Kathy Figueroa’s literary festival in Maynooth, taking place this weekend at the legendary Arlington Hotel.

I will stay ’till Sunday so I can hear the amazing Fred Eaglesmith sing about trains. Our old friend Washboard Hank used to tour with Fred, and for all I know he still does and I’ll get to see him. In addition to the two workshops writing workshops I’m facilitating I’ll be reading from  The Alphabet Stones on Saturday at 4 pm.


The Word is Wild: June 6-7, Maynooth Ontario — 2 Comments

  1. Having reached the unfortunate stage in life of having a memory box with holes in it, I can’t trace a remarkable piece of writing that I read about ten years ago (2010?) at a Christian Spirituality Seminar and called ‘The Word is Wild’. Would anyone who happens to read this know it? It sounds like something written by the wonderfully insurrectionist feminist and US Benedictine Prioress, Joan Chittister OSB. Great Thanks if you know it and can forward a reference to it to me at

    • No, I’ve sadly never heard of it, or her. I have a feminist Quaker friend who may have heard of it/her. Shall try to remember to ask. I assume you’ve tried all the usual search routes?

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