The Word Was Wild

the word is wildridiculously fun weekend including swimming in the river; getting lost on the trails; listening to amazing readings/performances by  mirka sweetgrass, bob mackenzie, martin durkin, and dallas in the shot and bottle lounge; avoiding the legendary maynooth blackflies; reading from The Alphabet Stones in a place that mirrors the book possibly more than the town that figures in it; reading from Kismet Dyment’s Steel Animals; dancing to the fabulous tiff ginn and fred eaglesmith; workshopping attendees’ short stories; talking about writing, life, the universe and everything with great friends old and new. thank you to Kathy Figueroa and Arlington Bernie for possibly my favourite literary festival yet. there is potential for a residency program but in the meantime i can see how a self-directed writers’ residency could work really well as the rooms at the arlington are hostel (read artists’) rates.

staying up for days at the arlington hotel writing sad eyed lady of the lowlands for you. 



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